our mission

To be Indonesia’s leading ceramic manufacturer that is recognized in both local and international markets and acclaimed for it’s culturally-artistic pieces, that are moulded with modern capabilities.

our vision

The union of modern technology and quality with cultural tradition and techniques. Proprietary signature hand-decorating techniques that has been perfected over the generations while adapting to the evolving modern market.

our Story

Established in 1986 through a multi-cultural influence, Sari Keramindo distinguishes a generation’s passionate tableware expertise. Utilizing its strength for design skill and flexibility, their aim is to unite the world of tableware with a world of culture. Specializing in glazing, color, texture and various hand-decoration techniques, Sari Keramindo has, today, exported their ceramics to multiple global points such as Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and South Africa. Creating beautifully hand-thrown pieces has always been Sari Keramindo’s goal, and now they boast the ability to mass-produce these unique artistic pieces at an international level. These array of skills and textures coupled with their desire to enhance diversity around us, brings Sari Keramindo to a place “where clay and culture unite”.